Shiatsu is all about coming back to nature. Coming back to a state of being, where your body and mind don’t resist, but surrender to natural rhythms. Any stagnation, mentally or physically can be seen as resistants against a natural flow. Shiatsu’s touch is remembering the body to come back into balance and to allow the free flow of nature inside yourself.

When you feel this effortless connection again, you don’t have to struggle mentally and physically to be, but you just are and from that space you can be present with all the flows of life.

Shiatsu shows me how we can learn to recognize all the different energies in nature outside of ourselves, as well as inside. We can learn how to rebalance ourselves by understanding nature. What we see around us, we can see inside. It is like a little universe. Every season has a different vibe, a different effect on nature, on us. In the same way, we have different vibes inside ourselves. We can feel these different energies through the meridians, “energetic pathways”, running through the body. By feeling the meridians, we can learn how the way we are born, live, eat, work or move changes our inner seasons. We learn what allows a more natural flow, and what creates stagnation.

In the way I work and touch, I combine my knowledge and natural intuition. I have studied 4 years of Iokai Shiatsu therapy combined with a 2 year program of Basic Western Medicine. From being born in a western society and having gone to university here, I also understand western perspectives on life. With the work I do, it is my intention to create a bridge between the eastern understanding in a western world.

Since my teenage years I have been pulled towards eastern philosophy and working with the human body. It started from practicing martial arts, mainly Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years, where I experienced the body as an expression of art and gateway to connect to the core of life.

Later on I deepened my practice with different styles of yoga and meditation. Especially the words and meditations of Osho had a strong effect on my own growth. I got to experience a deeper therapeutic effect of dropping back into the body through meditation practice.

I know very well from my own experience and working with many different people how it is like to feel the resistants in life, how to deal with sickness and truly getting to know yourself.

These experiences are all integrated into the way I work nowadays as a Shiatsu Therapist. Opening up a space to drop from the Head, down to the Heart and into the center. From a stable center, rooted in Hara, we can live from an open heart and with a clear and calm head*,* embracing all of life as it simply is.