Good to know before

  • You are advised not to eat a heavy meal or drink coffee (or use of any drugs, including alcohol) prior to the treatment.
  • The first treatment will start with a more extensive diagnosis including an interview where I will ask questions to get an idea about your specific complaints, health problem(s), questions or needs. Next to that, I will use physical Oriental diagnosis during every treatment to get a complete picture of how to treat you.
  • Iokai Shiatsu is given in the traditional way on a Japanese cotton mattress (futon), lying on the floor. During the treatment it is best to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in freely.

Good to know after

  • After the treatment I advice you to drink a lot of water and/or herbal tea.
  • It is best to plan in some time to rest and integrate to enhance the effect of the treatment. You are most welcome to take a relaxing walk in the beautiful Amstelpark around our studio after your treatment.
  • I might give you advice about your lifestyle, food and/or give specific (yoga) exercises to do at home to integrate the treatment and support yourself further.


The frequency of the treatments is related to your condition, the nature and process of your complaints and will be determined in consultation. A single treatment can already be beneficial, yet a series of treatments can allow a deeper process and have a more enduring effect. The duration of all treatments is between 60 and 90 minutes.

More information about the prices and insurance reimbursement can be found here.